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Justin Chou
Founder . Managing Director
"In both life & love, there is always another castle."
Justin Scerbo
Founder . Editor in Chief
"When's mahvel?"
Mike Potts
Editorial . Senior Editor, Writer
"Of course I think Starfox 64 is better than MGS. Who doesn't?"
Alex Schoch
Brand Manager . Strategist, Content Writer
"I do what I must because I can."
Shane Weaver
Editorial . Content Writer
"Opinions are never wrong, just flawed. Often heavily."
David Ortuso
VO Talent . Content Writer
"Most problems in life can be solved with a mechanical keyboard."
Frank Nosic
Editorial . Content Writer
"The RNG giveth, and the RNG taketh away..."
Liz LiSooey
Editorial . Content Writer
"Gotham needs me."
Michael DiFabio
Head Developer . The Architect
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
Callum Fraser-Sharp
"If it's not melt your face off difficult, it's not fun"
Ben Rickaby
"Set your decoder rings to the second position to hear this weeks secret message."
Allison Musante
"Self Declared Queen Of Point & Click"
Mike Catelli
"My life for Aiur!"
Jake Benedict
"I am a Skyrim Transcendentalist"
Jamaal Ryan
"I write about games"
Dominique Sharp
"it is a journey into the unknown, which shall lead us ever closer to home"
Tom Miller
"I strive to be a living obscure game encyclopedia."
Autumn Covington
""Power isn't given to you. You have to take it.""
James LiSooey
"I'm just a ghost tying to catch some Ms. Pacman"
Tim Schoch
"I strive to exercise my vision daily"