5 Games That Probably Aren’t Coming Out This Year
So 2017 has begun and gamers are looking forward to another awesome year of gaming. Big titles like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Halo Wars 2, For Honor, and Persona 5 make up just the first few months of what promises to be a stellar year. However, there are a few games that are, release date or no release date, probably not coming out this year.

5. Final Fantasy VII Remake


This one isn’t a real shock to anyone and it feels pretty safe to say that this game will not be released in 2017. Considering that the director of this game found out on the day of the game’s release that he was going to be the director, one can assume that supposed developer CyberConnect is still, very much, hard at work on the remake of the 1997 classic, Final Fantasy VII. While news of the game being split up into episodic releases does, still, leave a small possibility of the first episode being released this year, the odds of that are still pretty slim.

4. Shenmue 3

shenmue 3

Again, most people probably weren’t expecting this game to come out this year either. Shenmue 3’s kickstarter campaign was announced just a year and half ago, so it would be rather worrisome if the game were set for a release this early. If you search for Shenmue 3’s release date, however, a general December 2017 release date does come up. This is, most likely, a placeholder date but there probably is at least one gamer out there putting Shenmue 3 on their list for this year. Sorry, but this game is not coming out this year.

3. Kingdom Hearts 3


Statement’s from Goofy’s voice actor aside, it still feels a little too early to be releasing Kingdom Hearts 3. Both trailers we’ve seen for the game have ended with a non-committal “Now In Development” displayed instead of a release date. Combining that with much of the original project being scrapped due to the studios switchover to Unreal Engine 4 and you have a game that probably isn’t ready yet. Will Kingdom Hearts 3 be at E3 this year? That seems very likely, but don’t expect Square Enix to announce a Fall or Holiday 2017 release date.

2. Insomniac’s Spider-Man


Ok, admittedly, this one is pretty obvious but it still needs to be said. Sony has a real problem showing games off years before they’re ready and Spider-Man is one of those games. While it is pretty safe to say that most gamers know that The Last Of Us Part II and Death Stranding are still years off, some believe that Spider-Man will release in time for the film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, releasing this July. That is not going to happen. Considering the name of the game is still listed as a working title on Insomniac’s website, that should give you a decent idea of how far along this game is or isn’t in Spider-Man’s case..

1. Red Dead Redemption 2


Alright, time to rustle some jimmies! Yes, Rockstar has set a Fall 2017 release date for Red Dead Redemption 2, but that probably will end up getting pushed into 2018. So far we have seen one trailer for the game showing off a single minute of pre-rendered footage. Granted, Rockstar could be intentionally holding back in order to really wow us at E3 and pull a Fallout 4 with the release timing. There is precedent for such a move, for sure, but there is also precedent for an entire event to be held concerning a game’s release date and then have the game delayed again anyway. Thanks Final Fantasy XV! With that said, anything is possible with this game at this point and things seem to be leaning more towards a delay.

Keep in mind, these are merely predictions. The Zero Review has yet to hire a fortune teller so one or more of these games could end up actually being released this year. This was merely an attempt to analyze available information on these titles and match it up with past experiences with game delays. One thing is for sure, there are still plenty of fantastic games coming out in 2017 and there should still be plenty for us all to enjoy!