Gravity Rush 2 Release Date
Gravity Rush 2 will plummet onto North American shelves on Dec. 2, 2016, as unveiled by the NEW HIEGHTS trailer released alongside a post on the PlayStation Blog.

The trailer looks to be an extended version of the E3 2016 trailer shown last month, showcasing new cinematic footage and introducing a new character to the franchise, Angel, who is described as a “superheroine with an aggressive and wild fighting style,” that will assist Kat along her journey.


Also detailed by the PlayStation Blog are the pre-order bonuses for the game from participating retailers, including an alternate white costume for Kat and a nine track Select Soundtrack of the game. Those who decided to purchase the game digitally will receive 10 PSN avatars with their pre-order.


Lastly, an anime titled Gravity Rush The Animation ~ Overture ~ is set to come out in advance of the game’s launch, detailing the events that take place in between this game and the original Gravity Rush. Produced by Studio Khara of the Rebuild of Evangelion series fame, more details about this animation are to be revealed closer to the game’s release.

The game’s visual flare is gorgeously vibrant, and as always it looks dazzling to see Kat ‘floating’ in free-fall. As much as I want to get my hands on it, I’ve yet to complete the first Gravity Rush.

If there is anybody like myself that missed out on the Vita classic during its original 2012 release, a new remastered version can be found on the PlayStation 4 that was released in February earlier this year.

Until then, the trailer can be checked out below!